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Unit 7 discussion: recycling | enviromental science 2202 | Savannah State University


Unit 7 Discussion: Recycling

Describe what materials are recyclable in Savannah Georgia and how you would recycle if you chose to (i.e. curbside recycling, taking to a recycling center).  Pick one material that you could recycle in your area and describe what product(s) can be created from this recycled material.  Do you think it is worthwhile to recycle this material in your area?  Why or why not?

Your posts should consist of about 200 words (not including works cited). Be sure to check the rubric to see how your comment will be assessed. Note that you are being asked to offer comments that are informed by any materials given or researched on your own. This means that you need to cite any facts or quotes that come from these materials, and these citations must be referenced at the end.  After making your initial post, read the postings of other students and politely challenge a position or interpretation that differs from your own. In all cases, cite evidence from the websites to bolster your argument. Cite your sources in APA or MLA format.


Tips from instructor:

Try to dig a bit deeper to find out what the benefits are for recycling the material you chose. Be aware of what such benefits could be, 1) reduced energy in producing the material, 2) reduced pollution, 3) reduced landfill space. Keep in mind that some materials require a lot of effort to produce. Plastic, for instance, comes from oil, which needs to be drilled, and after that there is a prolonged processing component. Cost of producing needs to be weighed against costs of recycling. It also requires energy and produces pollution to recycle materials. Sometimes recycled materials are shipped halfway across the world to be recycled, which also has an environmental cost. Lastly, be aware that recycling for some materials is not endless, the quality of the material goes down with recycling. This is why it is good to find alternative uses for some materials, especially when they are already quite degraded.


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