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Urban ecology – how does urban ecology help the environment?


Topic: Urban ecology – How does urban ecology help the environment?

The Final Project will take the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

Students will have the chance to explore a variety of topics pertaining to environmental science.

For this final project, I would like you to imagine that our class has been invited to speak at a conference that will be attended by a cross-section of the American public who are likely voters and have listed the environment as a high priority issue for them, but they can’t seem to find the time to read up on things that they hear about briefly on the news.  The group is non-partisan, and they are looking for a brief synopsis from people who have taken the time to do some research.

Your task is to put together a brief PowerPoint presentation that explains an aspect of environmental science that you think the general public should know more about.  You may choose any topic discussed in your textbooks, whether we covered it or not.  This will allow you the opportunity to revisit a favorite topic or address a topic that we did not have time to discuss in this class.  Your presentation can be informative where you present important facts and expect your audience to come to their own conclusion, or it can be persuasive, where you present data and arguments that support a specific course of action. 


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