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Urgent! what is crime and how to define it?


  If you can complete in 1 hour

Topic 1

What is crime and how to define it?

Social Inequalities and crime:

Read from Beirne & Messerschmidt, Criminology, ISBN 978-0-19-933464-3 Below are a PDF of the chapters 

Chapter 9

Chapter 10. 

Chapter 11

Review the following videos:

  3. Review the information about      the movie “ Justifiable Homicide” :


After reading the assigned chapters and viewing the videos, discuss in your essay why a “legalistic” definition of crime is not sufficient to cover all criminal activities and address the following questions:

What is “criminalization” and how does it relate to the criminal justice system?

What in the videos illustrates the presence of “criminalization”?

What is the relationship between “criminalization” and social inequality?

The essay should be no longer than 1,000 words.

You must include in the analysis assigned videos for each topic.

Chapters are attached!


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