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W7 assignment | Accounting homework help


 Part #1

For this assignment, read essay 5, pp. 135-136. Answer the following:

1. Prager says that people who are against capital punishment should be for a 40mph speed limit and shutting down roller coasters. Which of the fallacies discussed in chapter 3 could one argue is being committed here? Explain your answer fully.

2. Prager claims that more innocent people die when we do not have capital punishment. 

a) Is this an ideological or empirical claim?

b) Given your answer to (a) above, how can this claim be determined to be true or false?

c) Is the claim that more innocent people die when we do not have capital punishment true or false? Provide reasoning or evidence for your answer that aligns with your answer to (b) above.

Part #2Consider the ethics of intentionally using fallacious reasoning when trying to convince others to accept a claim. Answer the following:

If you can successfully convince a person to accept a claim by using fallacies, does that mean that you should do it? Does the context matter? Why or why not? Discuss in at least a paragraph using at least one example of your choice.

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Attached is chapter 3 Fallacies to help answer part #2 (This is the only resource that can be used 🙁  ) and also Essay 5  


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