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Week 2 assignment: packet preparation week 2


Packet Preparation: Week 2

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review the career and graduate suggestions given in Chapters 1 through 4 in the course textbook. Read the How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Graduate School (Links to an external site.),  The Importance of Good Writing Skills in the Workplace (Links to an external site.) and 45 Pieces of Career Advice That Will Get You to the Top (Links to an external site.) web pages.

This week you will be creating additional items for your Final Project packet. Based on the packet you chose in Week 1 (OPTION 4) and the (list the people you feel you will have a positive influence over, based on your developed psychological knowledge.) you will complete additional documentation for your packet. If you are still unsure of an organization or packet to focus on, this week you will need to make a final decision, even if it is only hypothetical. As you finalize your decision, consider again your goals and purposefully choose a packet that will support you in the future.

Based on your chosen packet, upload the following to Waypoint:

Option 4: Generic Psychological Knowledge Packet

  • A letter to the Dean of the College of Health Human Services and Science or the President of University of Arizona Global Campus.
    • Indicate your close completion of your degree (08/2021) and how you believe the degree has supported your goals. (goal is to get a job and work in a field with children with CPS or adoption agencies, help children one on one, prevent child abuse and offer help to victims).


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