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Week 4 assignment | Electronic Engineering homework help



1.For the common emitter circuit shown below (see figure 1) the parameters are:


VBB = 4 V, RB = 220 kΩ, RC = 2 kΩ, VCC = 10 V, VBE(on) = 0.7 V, and β = 200. Calculate the base current (IB), collector current (IC), emitter currents (IE), the VCE voltage and the transistor power dissipation (PT). Show all work.




week 4 assignment diagram AFigure 1



2. In the CC circuit shown in Figure 2, calculate the following:










◦VB. Take β = 49 and VBE = 0.7 V




week 4 assignment diagram B



3. For the circuit shown in Figure 3 below, draw the DC load line and locate its quiescent or DC working point. Show all work.




week 4 assignment diagram C


Figure 3




4.The data sheet entry that lists how much the power rating of a device has to be reduced is the__________________..


5.In a common-emitter circuit, once the base current has been calculated, collector current can be determined by multiplying the base current by ________..







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