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Week 4 project | Social Justice


Assessment Description

As you work to become an educator, it is important to think about and be able to explain how you will respect students with differing personal backgrounds and various skills, abilities, perspectives, talents, and interests. It is equally important to continue developing your teaching delivery and presentation skills to help ensure you are meeting the needs of all your students.  

Part 1:  Video

Watch the video “Cultural Competence: What Does It Mean for Educators?” for inspiration and ideas. After watching the video, create your own 3-5 minute video in which you address the following questions:

  • What does it mean to be a culturally competent educator? Include specific terms from your Topic 1 assignment, “Social Justice Key Terminology.”
  • Where do you see yourself on the cultural competency continuum chart and why? Support your placement on the continuum chart with your position regarding specific controversial, culturally-based issues that affect K-12 education.
  • What will it take for you to get to the next step or to deepen your cultural competence, including understanding your own personal bias, teaching in a diverse classroom, and implementing strategies for ensuring a safe and supportive classroom for all students?
  • What are some specific research and readings, tools, resources, or training you might use to further your cultural competency as an educator?
  • What will it look like to have cultural inclusivity in your future classroom?
  • How will you ensure you are respecting students as individuals with differing personal backgrounds and various skills, abilities, perspectives, talents, and interests that do not align to your spiritual beliefs and moral values?

Record your video using any method of your choice, then upload the video into GoReact by clicking the hyperlink. 

Remember, video and audio quality are important and should be taken into consideration. Ensure your video is filmed with sufficient lighting and the volume is adequate for viewers to hear. Intonation, expression, proper speech, and professional attire are expected.   

Review the Professional Dispositions of Learners located on the College of Education website before completing this assignment to show professionalism in your speech and appearance.

Part 2:  Reflection of Presentation

Once you post your video you will see it on the dashboard.  Enter the playback screen by clicking the thumbnail.  Watch the video and make at least two specific comments throughout your video either by text or video:

  • Biggest strength of your presentation and delivery.
  • A place where you could improve your presentation and delivery to help you grow as a future educator. 

Here is the video(


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