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Week 7 (feb 22 – 28) decision making comment



What do you see as the main difference between a successful and unsuccessful decision? Describe your own personal decision making skills and what you have done to make your decisions more successful.

Respond to this comment not the question


The difference in a successful and unsuccessful decision I believe a successful decision if not only when your decision works out the way you wanted it too, but also if you go by making your decision in the right way, and unsuccessful decision is just that, it did not work, maybe due to not following the plan that you laid out or maybe people just didnt like the decision you made for a company.

 One of my most successful and scariest  decision I have made was to go to school and learn to do hair and skin care, and  then I open my on hair salon and tanning salon, I worked very hard long days and long nights, but it paid off and I had a very successful business for 25 years, For me to have made that decision was very scary to go out and open my on business and could have been a bad decision but it turned into a very good decision.


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