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What are some of the debatable issues related to the connections



What are some of the debatable issues related to the connections between Western and non-Western science and technology?

The purpose of this paper is to prepare you for the written assignments in the remainder of the course. It is designed to familiarize you with the kinds of thesis statements and source material that are expected in an upper level course. The suggested order for approaching this assignment is as follows:

1. Review the course material and any other resources you might have easily available and choose an aspect of non-Western science and technology (an invention, type of technology, scientific theory or scientific discipline), with a focus on the period from the start of Western civilization through the Middle Ages.

2. Using good quality academic sources (not encyclopedias and non-scholarly web sites), do some research on this aspect and connect it to features or elements of major institutions, economy, society, and/or culture of one or more countries or regions.

3. Complete the following two parts of the assignment (to be submitted as one file):


o Thesis sampler: You must create 3 analytic (arguable) thesis statements, and in 1-2 paragraphs for each statement, identify arguments that both support and contradict your position. This part of the submission is expected to be 1-2 pages. You are expected to cite the sources of the arguments in the text. See the Course Resources module for guidelines on creating analytic/arguable thesis statements.

o Annotated bibliography: You must also submit an annotated bibliography of at least 10 resources that relate to your exploration (including all that you used in the thesis sampler). 

· a. The paper focuses on an aspect (or aspects) of actual or claimed science or technology of non-Western origin from the start of Western civilization through the Middle Ages.

· b. The paper demonstrates additional research, beyond the course material.

· c. The thesis sampler is at least 1-2 pages long, and the pages are numbered.

· d. The annotated bibliography includes at least 10 resources, and I include a summary and a discussion of the intended audience, usefulness and reliability for each resource.

· e. The cover page or first page includes my name, the date submitted, and the assignment title.

· f. My document filename includes the date of submission.

· g. Paper is formatted as an MS Word document.

· h. Paper is formatted in 12-point Times Roman font.



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