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Wk 3 – apply: signature assignment: conduct and present | BSA425 Bsit Capstone | University of Phoenix


Project Plan is attached that was submitted last week.  It needs to be updated with 3 changes listed below.  Please read assignment entirely.  Needs to be based on Lowkey Inc and the plan attached.

For this assignment, you will compile research and create a supporting research report. Then, based on your research, you will identify and explain the rationale for three improvements to the project plan you submitted last week. I need the project plan updated and the Support Research Report filled out.  Two documents.

Compile additional research on your project’s industry, recommended technology vendors, and the categories presented in the supporting research report. You may want to include the Gartner Group and Forrester Research in your list of organizations to research.

Complete the Supporting Research Report template.

Create a second draft of your project plan. Highlight in yellow at least three changes you made to the network, database, and/or cloud solutions within the second draft based on the in-depth research you conducted this week and explain why you made the changes.

Submit your Supporting Research Report and second draft.


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