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Wk 5 – apply: preventing and detecting intrusion summary | CYB231 Ethical Hacking Part 2 | University of Phoenix


The work you’ve done for your clients at the flooring company has helped them realize they have not taken cybersecurity seriously enough. Now that they realize the threats from hackers are more serious than they thought, they want to learn more about how to detect intruders in their systems to try to prevent the problems from happening because of a hack. 

Write a 2- to 3-page summary explaining how to prevent and detect intrusion in IT systems. 

Describe how penetration tests provide insight on network vulnerabilities through testing network defenses, such as firewalls, honeypots, and IDS.

Explain how and why hackers circumvent firewalls.

Explain IDS evasion and countermeasures to IDS evasion techniques.

Describe the role of webserver hacking and detection in penetration testing.

Identify 3 web server architectures and provide an example of a vulnerability for each. 

Identify tools and techniques used to detect intrusion web servers. 

Format any references according to APA guidelines. 

Submit your assignment.


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