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Word_3g_environmental_newsletter_and_research_paper | Computer Science homework help





Project Description:

In the following project, you will format a newsletter by inserting pictures and screenshots, applying two-column formatting, and adding a border to a paragraph. You will edit and format a research paper by inserting footnotes, creating citations, and formatting a bibliography. You will also create mailing labels.


Start   Word. Download and open the file named Student_Word_3G_Environmental_Newsletter_and_Research_Paper.docx.


On Page 1, click at the   beginning of the newsletter title. From the files downloaded with this   project, insert the picture w03G_Recycle.jpg.


Set the Height of the picture to 0.4 inches, and then change the Text   Wrapping to Square. Change the Horizontal Alignment to Left relative to   Margin and the Vertical Alignment to Top relative to Margin.


Starting with the paragraph Research on Environmental Economics,   select all of the text from that point to the end of the first page—do not   include the Page Break in your selection (select only to the end of MEEC). Format the text in two columns,   and then apply Justify alignment. Insert a Column break before the paragraph The Hard Costs of Pollution. Save your   file.


Start your internet browser and   navigate Redisplay your document, and   then click at the end of the paragraph that begins Research topics include. Insert a Screen Clipping of the   website—do not include the address bar or the taskbar. To the inserted   screenshot, apply a Black, Text 1 Picture Border and change the Weight to 1   pt.


Select the subheading Research on Environmental Economics.   Use the Font dialog box to apply Small Caps. Display the Font color gallery,   and in the fourth column, click the first color. Apply the same formatting to   the subheadings The Hard Costs of   Pollution and Environmental   Economics Conference.


Select the last two paragraphs in the newsletter, which begin For more information, and end with MEEC, and then from the Borders and   Shading dialog box, apply a 1 pt Shadow border using Black, Text 1. From the   Shading tab, display the Fill color gallery, and then in the fourth column,   click the second color. Center the two paragraphs of text.


On Page 2, change the line spacing for all of the text on the page to   2.0. For the same text, change the spacing after to 0 pt.


On Page 2, apply a first line   indent of 0.5 inches to the paragraph that begins Environmental economics is.


In the paragraph that begins Environmental economics also studies,   in the second line, immediately following the comma after Kyoto Protocol, insert the footnote The Kyoto   Protocol is an international agreement that aims to reduce carbon dioxide   emissions. Be   sure to type the period at the end of the footnote.


Modify the Footnote Text style to set the Font Size to 11 and the   format of the Footnote Text paragraph to include a first line indent of 0.5”   and double spacing.


On Page 2, at the end of the   paragraph that begins Environmental   economists have, click to the left of the period, and then using MLA   format, insert a citation for an article in a periodical with the following   information:

  Author: Abboud, Leila S.
  Title: Economist   Strikes Gold
  Periodical Title: The Wall Street Journal
  Year: 2008
  Month: March
  Day: 13
  Pages: A1
  Medium: Print


Edit the Abboud citation to   include A1 as   the page number.


On Page 4 of the research paper,   click to place your insertion point in the blank paragraph. On the References   tab, click Bibliography, and then at the bottom of the list, click Works   Cited. Select the paragraph Works Cited.   Change the font to Calibri, change the font size to 11, and change the font   color to Black, Text 1. With the text still selected, center the paragraph,   and then from the Paragraph dialog box, change the Spacing Before to 0 pt, if   necessary change the Spacing After to 0 pt, and set the Line spacing to   Double. Move to the top of the document.


Save and close the file, and   then submit for grading.


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