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Write a 3-to-4-page paper based on the prompt below. your paper must



Write a 3-to-4-page paper based on the prompt below. Your paper must be double spaced, with 1” margins, and written in a standard font (Times New Roman and Calibri, for example). You do not need to conduct research for this paper beyond choosing a piece of writing to respond to (see the prompts below). However, if you do use/consult a source (outside of your chosen piece of writing), you should cite that source using a standard citation method (Chicago, MLA, etc.). Late papers will receive a deduction of two letter grades for each day they are late. You will turn this paper in via Canvas. It is worth 10% of your final grade (10 points).

Find an online editorial or opinion piece in a major online publication (e.g., The New York Times Opinion, The New York Times Editorial, The Washington Post Opinions, The Wall Street Journal Opinion, The Wall Street Journal Editorials, etc.). Or, find an article from NYT’s The Stone (a “forum for contemporary philosophers and other thinkers on issues both timely and timeless”). Using what you learned in this class, summarize the article and its argument and give a reasoned response. In your response, you should answer the following questions: Does the conclusion follow from the premises? Are the premises true or false? In doing this, do not simply pick a premise and say that it’s true or that it’s false. Give a reasoned explanation for your opinion. Be sure to give the link for the piece.


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