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Write a program for a furniture company that determines the price of


Write a program for a furniture company that determines the price of a table. Ask the user to choose 1 for pine, 2 for oak, or 3 for mahogany. The output is the name of the wood chosen as well as the price of the table. Pine tables cost $100, oak tables cost $225, and mahogany tables cost $310. If the user enters an invalid wood code, set the price to 0 (This might be best done in a switch structure). Add a prompt to ask the user to specify a (1) large table or a (2) small table. Add $35 to the price of any large table, and add nothing to the price for a small table (This might be best done in an if – else structure). Display an appropriate message if the size value is invalid, and assume the price is for a small table. Add on 6% tax and display a receipt at the end. See the sample output for how your program should interact.
Runs a loop to add more tables one customers order.
Within that loop, accumulate a total. Totals can be done within that loop by declaring double grandTotal = 0; outside of the loop and then after the first one is calculated, accumulate with grandTotal = grandTotal + total; whereas total is the cost of one desk.
At the end of each desk input, display the cost of that desk, the size, and the wood type as you did in the original assignment. Take tax out and recalculate tax using the grandTotal variable. This will be done outside the loop.
Error code / range check every numeric input your program takes.


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