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Written assignment -essay series: evaluative essay final draft in


 Written Assignment -Essay Series: Evaluative Essay Final Draft

In last week’s written assignment, you composed a draft of the evaluative essay where you were to provide a criticism of a film, television show, album, work of art, or piece of literature and provide valid arguments for why you believe the work is, or is not, worth experiencing.

This week, use your instructor’s feedback on the draft, the Peer Review Services, Strategies for Revision or other Rasmussen resources to help you revise and polish the essay.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.


BELOW are the teachers comments to the rough draftI am awarding full points for the draft phase of this paper as long as the basic parts are included and the basic criteria met. You earned partial points for an incomplete draft that is missing key pieces. Please be aware that this does not mean the current grade for the paper is 100 percent. Your projected grade at this point is a 25/60 grade . As you review your comments inserted in this paper, you will see a number/letter combination. Each combination corresponds with feedback on the detailed rubric I am attaching below. Please use the number/letter combination to review the specific areas of feedback on the attached detailed rubric (instructions included in the attachment). Use the feedback to revise your current paper. Please contact me with questions. Thanks



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