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You are hired to write a disaster recovery plan for an organization



You are hired to write a Disaster Recovery Plan for an organization that has multiple locations within a state or states and with only in-house infrastructure setup. No cloud-based services for such an organization are used. Using the Disaster Recovery Plan in Appendix A of the textbook, build a complete Disaster Recovery Plan for this fictitious or an existing organization. Write a paper that contains and describes the complete Disaster Recovery Plan components and detailed explanations of each component of the plan. Provide information on the process flow when a disaster happens, and the actions required to be taken and by whom in the organization. The disaster type is your choice, and it has to have an impact on more than one component of the plan.
one of the references  
Wells, A. J., Walker, C., Walker, T., & Abarca, D. (2007). Disaster recovery: Principles and practices. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.


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